President Donald Trump has picked Judge Neil Gorsuch for his Supreme Court nominee. Here are 5 things to know about the Harvard Law graduate. USA TODAY NETWORK

WASHINGTON — Advocates for and against gun control agree on this much: Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is a “pro-gun” judge and the proof is a 2012 court case in which he sided with a felon busted with a gun.

As a Circuit Court judge, Gorsuch found an unusual argument in that case compelling: The felon said he didn’t know he was a felon, and was thus unaware that he was barred from having a gun.

Gorsuch argued the law requires the government to go beyond prior precedent and prove the defendant knows he’s a felon — not just that he knew he had a gun.

Gun-rights advocates say his role in U.S. v. Miguel Games-Perez proves his deep commitment to the Second Amendment, and they plan to fight for his confirmation. Gun control supporters say Americans should be concerned that he won’t even restrict gun rights for convicted felons.

“Judge Gorsuch’s views are so outside the mainstream that he has gone out of his way to side with felons over public safety,” wrote Pete Ambler, executive director of Americans for Responsible Solutions. “His irresponsible record indicates he would actually weaken the gun laws on the books.”





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