(Angry Patriot) – For Democrats, our national security can apparently be ignored and put on the back burner. Because of their actions, radical groups are being grown right in our backyard!

Dennis Michael Lynch interviewed Ryan Mauro, an analyst of national security for the Clarion Project, who claimed there are 22 villages in U.S. states, including New York, that are allowed to operate because the FBI refuses to name them for what they are: terrorist training camps.

And the media have never said a word about them, thereby keeping the American people in the dark. However, these people are threats — they have been trained in guerrilla warfare tactics and other ways of attacking and harming Americans.

These militants would set themselves on fire if their leader told them to, and that is terrifying. According to Mauro, this group is merely a front for a terrorist organization from Pakistan, Jamaat al Fuker, which allegedly has ties to al-Qaeda.


These groups are settled in small places with tiny towns and few cops, allowing them to operate mostly under the radar. Some have not only planned attacks but also carried them out. The FBI did shut one down after a raid, which reveled blueprints for future attacks in the US.

Even though evidence has been found, the FBI have yet to investigate any of the other camps, and you can more than bet it’s because of loud liberals with their hands around the FBI’s purse strings. They are using the media to preach a politically correct message while ignoring a clear, immediate threat.

When Mauro rated the level of danger these groups present to the American people, he gave them an 8 out of 10! A national security analyst rated it this high, yet the federal government never did anything about it. And liberals wonder why we elected Donald Trump into the Oval Office.

Unlike Obama, Trump will actually put a hard line in the sand for terrorists and other threats to this country, refusing to bow down to their every wish and whim. There will not be an excess of sympathy and a refusal to say the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

These people are being trained to kill us, our friends, and our families. The mainstream media should be reporting on this daily and forwarding the cause of great concern to this nation’s representatives, but it seems only a concern for Republicans.

Donald Trump is dedicated to eradicating the Islamic State from not only America but the Middle East as well. The blight of terrorism is coming to an end, and it’s going to be because we elected someone who will not turn away and ignore an impending threat.

This war on terrorism needs to be wrapped up and put away because the American people have suffered through enough harm and death at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists. The truth of these villages needs to be found, and if they are terrorist fronts, arrest them all!






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