23-states have agreed to pass a controversial bill that will create a ban on the future sale and possession of hollow-point ammunition. The ban on the popular ammunition is in effect immediately, however does include a 90-day grace period prior to state law enforcement enforcing the ban. The official compliance date for the hollow-point ammunition ban is January 5th, 2017.

Though the ammo ban has created a strong divide among the citizens of the 23 participating states (California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Kansas, North Dakota, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, Alabama, Maine, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, West Virginia, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Rhode Island, South Carolina), it’s said to be widely supported by state representatives. Many politicians and citizens alike have vocalized their disagreement with the ban and feel that denying the public access to hollow-point ammunition is a clear infringement of their second amendment rights, however many feel that the ban is a positive step towards much needed gun control measures.


Maine representative, Jared Holbrook (D), made the following statement during an early morning press-conference, “The time to make drastic changes to our current gun laws is here. The ban of this unnecessarily dangerous and inhumane ammunition is a much needed step towards a safer and more productive society for our children, parents, and loved ones. If I were to use one word to describe the effects of hollow-point ammunition, it would be ‘overkill’. Our military does not use hollow-point ammunition when fighting wars overseas because The Hague Convention on the grounds of inhumanity prohibits the use of bullets that easily expand or flatten in the body. If standard full metal jacket ammunition is good enough for our soldiers to use while protecting our freedom, its good enough for us to use while protecting ourselves, our families, and our homes”.

According to the bill, the ban will extend to hollow-point ammunition of all caliber including the most popular ammunition calibers, 9mm Luger, .223 Remington, and .45 ACP. Additionally- law enforcement agencies within the relevant states will also be prohibited from using hollow-point ammunition in their police issued side-arm’s, however will be provided with an extended compliance date of July 2nd, 2017.

Specifics have yet to be publicly released, however, multiple state representatives have acknowledged that their states were offered additional federally-funded incentives in return for their participation in implementing the ban.

Though only 23-states have agreed to implement the ammunition ban, several government representatives throughout the United States have said that they’ll be keeping a close eye on the outcome of the bill. Many representatives from democratic leaning states have indicated their willingness to follow suit if a clear connection can be made to the reduction of violent crimes. The participating states are unanimously confident in their ability to demonstrate a drastic reduction to violent crimes within 2017 and are hopeful the ban will be implemented on a federal level prior to 2018.





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