There is no better way of defending yourself, your loved ones, and your home than with a handgun. Or two. Or three. Nothing else can give you the same sense of power and control, or deadly force, that you need when you are in dangerous situation.

When faced with an attacker there is no better position to be in than behind the sights of your weapon. Being able to lay your hands on your gun in a moment’s notice is vital to ensuring your survival when faced with a life threatening situation.

There are really only two places you are likely to need your gun… at home or away from home. If away from home and carrying your gun, having it both concealed and readily accessible are important considerations.

The same principles apply when you are defending your home. You want to have the best skills and the best tools for the job of ensuring the safety and security of your family. There are other ways you can go about doing this but a firearm is still your best bet. It helps to have your handgun (or several) in a place of easy and safe access for your best defense.

 Holding a loaded gun in your hand provides you the most effective protection you can have. This article  from our friends at describes 3 of the best choices you can make for a handgun.

The Glock 17

The Glock is one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to shooting power. And the semi-automatic Glock 17 model lives up to the name. It has a small but sturdy polymer frame. The pistol I s produced in Austria and is very important to mention that it has been a favorite of the Austrian military since 1981. Despite the initial reluctance of gun owners to “plastic” handguns, the Glock has made its way admirably through these past decades, commanding 66% of the handguns used by the US law enforcement agencies, as well as many of their counterparts from all over the world. Because of their availability, affordability and reliability, Glocks are highly popular amongst civilians as well, especially for self-defense reasons or competition shooting. 

The Ruger P Series

Rugar P89

The Ruger name is undoubtedly synonymous with high performance, reliability and durability. Not to mention that these small handguns are easily operated and maintained. The pistol can be made out of two materials: either from hard-coated high-quality aluminum frames or a cheaper polymer compound. The grip is made up from polymer panels, which make it very stable while shooting. Simple is sometimes better, and no greater example comes to mind than the P Series, which perform as accurately as possible in adverse conditions as well. Just aim and shoot and the handgun will work its magic. If you’ll be performing regular maintenance, the Ruger will last you a lifetime.

The Smith & Wesson’s M&P SHIELD 9mm

The M&P SHIELD 9mm is one of the slickest and easiest to conceal handguns on the market. Its body is made from a striker-polymer which also makes it very light and easy to maneuver, as it weighs only 20 ounces. Its tiny frame makes it easy to conceal even in a regular pocket; it measures a total of 6.1 inches, out of which the barrel is only 3 inches long. Despite its size, this handgun is as deadly as any of its larger counterparts.  It’s one of the most precise small caliber handguns, thanks to its 5.2 inch sight radius, that makes aiming easy. The trigger pull measures about 6.4 pounds of force. It’s a very sturdy and reliable pistol, perfect for target practice and field action alike.

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As important as it is to have the right handgun it is even more important to be highly skilled at getting it into your hand when you need it and using it. Make sure that you practice until it becomes second nature to be holding it and firing it. Making these actions smooth automatic could save your life.






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