A 9mm AR-15 that takes GLOCK mags! – The Angstadt Arms UDP-9 – Credits to GY6Vids
A new Personal Defense Weapon on the market called the UDP-9 is put under the accuracy and CQB test. It is manufactured by the Angstadt Arms, which is a relatively a new company, still trying to put their name on the market, and with this weapon they made a huge leap towards the top.

The UDP-9” is being compared to a MP5 Because of having the same components such as mag release, and ambidextrous safety, which helps the civilians adapt and get used to the weapon system in shorter period of time. The UDP-9 can fit many different magazines, and in this video you can see how a Glock pistol magazine is used.
The UDP-9 PDW comes with a 13” barrel as well, and there is no difference in the platform or the weapon, but the length of the barrel, making it more accurate and more expensive. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts about the rifle in the comment section below.





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