The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) is taking the government of Canada to court. The planned class action lawsuit comes on the heels of a decision by the RCMP to classify magazines designed for certain weapons which contain more then 10 rounds as prohibited. Tony Bernardo is the executive director of the CSSA and said the decision by the RCMP affects a lot of people. “The RCMP took approximately one and a quarter million magazines owned by hundreds of thousands of Canadians and instantly made them into a prohibited weapon overnight.”

Bernardo said the decision by the RCMP leaves many people in what he called a legal limbo.

“The owners can’t use them, the owners can’t transport them … even if they want to take them to a police station they’re not allowed to transport them because they are prohibited weapons.”

Bernardo said the RCMP is contending that these magazines are hand gun magazines after Ruger made a pistol which can use the magazines.

“The RCMP is saying that the magazines were designed for the hand gun and it’s not true,” he explained. “The hand gun was designed for the magazines, these magazines were in existence 40 years before there was a hand gun.”

Bernardo did have advice for people who own these prohibited magazines.

“Don’t use them, don’t move them, don’t sell them, don’t give them away, don’t do anything.”

Bernardo said owners of these magazines should consider joining the class action lawsuit and can do this by contacting the shooting sports association.






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