COLUMBUS, OH (FOX19) – In light of the attack at Ohio State University earlier this week, the issue of school safety is front and center as the Ohio Senate prepares to vote on a bill that could have a major impact on how concealed carry weapons are handled on campus.


Their vote could come as early as Wednesday afternoon.

House Bill 48 would allow universities to permit concealed carry on campus and it would allow concealed carry inside day-care facilities & certain public areas of airport and police stations.

It also aims to reduce penalty of carrying guns on campus from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Some lawmakers say this is important because it’s not always clear where campus lines begin and end which sometimes leads to law-abiding citizens unintentionally breaking the law by carrying weapons into campus unknowingly.

House Bill 48 passed the Republican-controlled House a year ago and was already scheduled for a possible Senate committee vote Wednesday before Monday’s OSU attack.

It is set for two hearings this week, and the full Senate could take up the bill as early as Wednesday afternoon.

Bills that do not pass by the end of December die and must be re-introduced next year.




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