FN’s latest addition to the Military Collector Series is about as close as it gets for a civilian to own the real thing.

The collapsible stocked M249S Para is the civilian version of the Paratrooper model of the popular FN SAW used by airborne forces.

John Keppeler, FN America’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, discusses the changes made for the civilian market, “You’ll notice only two major differences between the semi- and full-auto versions – the barrel length and reconfigured internal components to change the rifle’s operation from open-bolt to closed-bolt.”

See how the semi-auto civilian model differs from the full auto SAW in the video below.

The Para version of the M249S still weighs around 17 lbs like the fixed stock model, but it features a 16.1″ barrel instead of the 18.5″ on the standard M249S.

With an MSRP sitting just under $8.8k, you’d better be a big fan before you add this piece of steel to your collection.





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