What a time to be alive. We’re now living in an age where dudes are inventing belt-fed 12 gauge fully automatic shotguns in their sheds. The man behind this new innovation it is Derek Miller, who runs his own small little gun company, DM Products. And, while still only a prototype at this stage, his new invention is a sight to see. It might not be massively useful in close quarters combat, but it’s damn cool nonetheless! This crazy gun isn’t perfect yet, the shells don’t rattle through it that smoothly, so the design needs tinkering with, but that doesn’t stop it being awesome. Only question has to be – what are you going to use a fully automatic shotgun for?!

Let’s just hope these things will be used for target practice or display purposes if they ever make it into production. Only the damage you could do with one of these shotguns?! DAMN!

Either way, this thing is incredible. Check it out:


Would you want to own one of these bad boys? Sound off in the comments below!





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