If you are one of the passionate rifle lovers, but with limited budget, then these budget sniper rifles are one of the best to choose from.

The following rifles are all considers as “1,000 yard capable” if the shooter does the job on the trigger.

  1. Remington 700 SPS Varminter .308 + Tru Glo cheap optic = @$700
  2.  Already used Remington 700 VLS .243 + Some cheap optic (not a Leupold) + Badger Ordinance knob + Bell & Carlson stock = @$1,000
  3.  Browning A-Bolt M1000 Eclipse .300 WM + Millett TRS-1 optic + Rock Mount bipod + Timney trigger spring = @$1,500
  4.  A used POF .308 + Harris bipod + Millett TRS-1 optic + etc =@$3,000
  5.  A used DPMS LR-260 .260 with Nikon scope and other items =@$1,600
  6.  Surgeon 6XC with Krieger barrel, McMillan stock, Jewell trigger, and Nightforce NSX optic = @$5,500

Do you have some other budget sniper rifles to add here?





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