Top 5 Handguns For Self Defense

Top 5 Guns For Self Defense

Choosing the perfect self defense carry weapon is a very personal choice. Before making a purchase, we always recommend heading to your local range and trying out some rentals. 

Keep in mind, most firearms dealers do not accept returns. Even for defective firearms. In many cases, you’re left to resolve any issues with the manufacturer. It’s important to choose a quality firearm and one that works for your needs. 

Sig 365XL

Building on the success of its predecessor, the Sig 365XL is a gun that is guaranteed to wow and has a little bit of something for everybody. 

The Sig 365 XL gets our vote because of it’s optic ready option, it’s standard 12 + 1 mag capacity, and aftermarket parts availability.

Glock 48

There’s no disputing that fact that Glock has one of, if not the most, loyal brand followers in the gun industry. Glock’s are known for their dependability and utilitarianism. The Glock 48 is no exception. 

While the Glock 48 only comes with a standard 10 + 1 mag capacity, The Shield Arms SH15 mags for the Glock 48 will boost capacity to a whopping 15 in a flush fitting magazine.

Smith and Wesson Shield

Before there was a Glock 43 or a Sig 365, there was the Smith and Wesson Shield. 

The Shield has long been a concealed carry favorite due to its ultra-slim, single stack, profile. 

With more after market options becoming available, the Shield will stay relevant for a long time.  

Springfield Hellcat

The Hellcat is certainly the newcomer to the scene. However, it has made a big splash. This is due, in part, to the fact that it comes optics ready out of the box. 

With more and more people choosing to carry with a micro red dot, Springfield made the right choice. 

Glock 19

The Glock 19 almost didn’t make the list and, we’ll be honest, is at risking of becoming a fudd gun. 

However, it is still one of the best selling handguns in America and perhaps the king when it comes to after market option game. 

That being said, with on 15 rounds capacity, most people will prefer to carry something like the Glock 48 for concealed carry.