Donald Trump didn’t fall for the race-baiting trap! He shows he has his own opinion and it isn’t going to change so that he can get more votes. Trump held a diversity group on Monday for those claiming he was racist. Donald does not cower down to people who throw obstacles in his way!

“One of the things that I’m happy to see is that Donald Trump has some outreach” he told Fox News host Neil Cavuto on “Your World” Monday. “I think it’s important, but I wouldn’t go overboard.”

And then the outspoken Milwaukee County sheriff explained what he meant by going “overboard.”

“I’m glad to see that Donald Trump did not go groveling at the altar of Al Sharpton and pandering to him trying to get the black vote, or trying to find out what’s going on in the black community from that charlatan.”

Cavuto wondered why it was that African Americans — especially youths — vote overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates,

“Post reconstruction blacks voted predominantly for the Republican Party,” Clarke explained.

But then “the Democrats came in with this false narrative. They put blinders over black people’s eyes, they separated them from their history, and they created this false narrative that has been very appealing over time, but it is a big lie,” he continued.

“We’re gonna have to go back now, reconnect black folks with their history, tell them the real story of what political party freed the slaves, and what political party gave blacks the advances and rights that they do today.”

This is the kind of man we need as president! Someone who’s opinion doesn’t change based on popularity or getting the highest vote.





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