Witnesses from the scene of the Dallas police massacre report that at least one of the killers wore body armor and used an AR-15-style rifle. Reacting to the incident, President Obama highlighted the “powerful weapons” involved, clearly signaling another full-court press against “assault weapons.” Given Republican control of Congress, this incident is unlikely to result in new federal gun control legislation renewing the ban on AR-style rifles.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown (courtesy

Meanwhile, Dallas Police Chief David Brown has just revealed that one of the killers — who holed-up in a parking garage and blew himself up before he could be captured – told the police negotiator he was upset at white people and police. He also claimed that he was not affiliated with any groups; he did this alone.

The revelation — indicating that at least one of the shooters was black — will certainly stoke the fires of racial controversy. As horrible as this sounds, it could be a blessing in disguise. The resulting “debate” will at least deflect [some] attention away from the weapons used.





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