This video takes up the pros and cons of buying an AR-15 versus building one yourself. “Building” of course refers to making changes to a very basic AR-15 rifle using kits, aftermarket parts and accessories. The AR-15 shown in the video is a highly customized one, and the owner says that there’s much to be said for customizing or building your own AR-15 rifle.

  The popularity of AR-15 rifles is such that they have become widely available to civilians, and the aftermarket for AR-15 parts is a booming business. Nowadays, anyone who wants to buy one of these all-around rifles or customize one to their specifications can do so with hardly any trouble, and at reasonable prices, too.

When you buy an AR-15 that has a full set of specifications or a whole host of features, you’ll have to find a specific make and model to suit your taste. If you’re not particularly picky with your gun, this is the way to go, as you’ll get the basics plus a few built-in accessories, depending on what you go with. This is also ideal for beginners or those who only intend to purchase one or two guns for personal use and will not be starting a collection of sorts, as building guns require tools that you might not ever use again.

Building your own AR-15 from a basic rifle requires tools and basic know-how, so this is good for gun enthusiasts who already have a bit of background in what they want to achieve with their guns. Another thing about buying rifles with built-ins is that you might end up with a basket full of parts that you won’t need. And of course, costs for aftermarket parts come into consideration.


In the video, the AR-15 owner computes how much it cost him to build the first rifle. With a basic AR-15 costing $1200 and everything else he put in, the total came up to $2419, which incidentally is not bad for a gun with all the additional specs his has. At the end of the day, the question really depends on what you want the rifle for, how you’re going to use it and if you’ll be buying any more guns in the future.





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