California Governor Jerry Brown signed a number of new gun control bills into law Friday before getting the hell out of Dodge for the holiday weekend. Among them, AB1135 and SB880 were designed to criminalize modern sporting rifles equipped with “bullet buttons” a work-around designed by Darin Prince the last time Sacramento tried to outlaw “assault weapons”.

Maybe when the Gov returns to the capital, someone will show him Prince’s latest opus designed to keep California’s AR owners legal.

As the Firearms Policy Coalition reports,

(Prince) just burned Brown by dropping a new device (the Bullet-Button Reloaded) onto the market that will make AR-15 & AR-10 platform firearms fully compliant with the new laws after January 1, 2017.

Firearms Policy Coalition will very soon be offering these devices for sale (and giving some away) at our Official FPC Gear store,

Check out the quick video Prince made demonstrating the installation and use of the new gizmo, above.

The moral of the story: there’s almost always a way, and some enterprising individual will find it. The Bullet-Button Reloaded is hardly ideal (neither was the original version before it). AR owners will have to release the rear pin on their rifle and tilt the upper receiver forward in order to drop the (10-round) magazine. But it’s at least an option for keeping and continuing to use your long gun legally.

This is a small ray of light in an otherwise bleak left coast landscape that now outlaws possession of existing mags holding more than ten rounds and requires background checks to buy ammunition, among other new joys. The Kevin de Leons and Governor Moonbeams of the world will continue to do what they can to make life as difficult as possible for gun-owning Golden Staters.

The fact of the matter, though, is legislators don’t know guns from Shinola, let alone how they operate. That ignorance is reflected in the laws they draft to “fix” perceived problems. And that’s precisely why — short of an outright ban of semi-automatic long guns — clever dudes like Prince will always come up with a way to broadcast the signal. Let’s hear it for the free enterprise system.





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