IWA 2017 – Chiappa Firearms introduced to the European public three pistols that already caused attentions in the US market, when presented at SHOT Show this year: the SAA “Regulator”, the FAS 6007 and the PAK-9

The new Chiappa Firearms "Charging Rhino" revolver

   At the 2017 edition of the IWA OutdoorClassics(link is external) expo in Nuremberg (Germany), the Italian-based Chiappa Firearms(link is external) company show introduced three new eagerly-anticipated handguns to the European public. All the three of them had already been showcased at the SHOT Show, back in January, and caught the attention of the public on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Some of those had been announced months ago, and with the interest of the European public towards firearms and personal defense increasing at a dramatic rate, the success at IWA was definitely predictable.

Chiappa SAA Regulator Centerfire

The Chiappa Firerams SAA Regulator Centerfire revolver

  The SAA Regulator Centerfire revolver(link is external) is the latest entry in the Company’s well-established line of sporting revolvers based on the venerable 1873 single-action platform. Built around a hard-anodized black aluminum frame in lieu of the average stainless steel, the SAA Regulator Centerfire is aimed at competition, target, and leisure shooters, and offers a twist at modernity in form of polymer grip panels, a firing pin transfer bar for safety, and a modern .38 Special chambering for the six-shots cylinder.

  At an overall length of 10.¼” (26 centimetres), the Chiappa SAA Regulator Centerfire weighs 2 pounds (907 grams) when unloaded, and comes with a 4.¾” (12 cm) barrel.

Chiappa FAS 6007

Chiappa's new pistols at IWA 2017

  The FAS 6007, manufactured by Armi Chiappa, is a more standard .22 rimfire pistol conceived for ISSF Standard and Automatic Pistol competitions that offers optimized ergonomics thanks to a plethora of adjustable parts that can be precisely fit to the shooter for maximum balance, stability and control.

The magazine – holding five shots of .22 Long Rifle ammunition – is located centrally, which optimizes balance and allows the design to offer a longer barrel for high accuracy and higher muzzle velocity; superior control is ensured by a shock buffer that absorbs and mitigates felt recoil, and several components are modular and extremely easy to set and even remove at the user’s will.

The trigger group can be set in terms of pre-run, positioning, and spring weight; the hammer group can be set for strike and weight thanks to a set of external screws. Sights are fully adjustable, and side rails on the chassis allow the use of dedicated modular weights.

Chiappa PAK-9

The Chiappa Firearms PAK-9 pistol

  For the lovers of the AK platform who love themselves some time at the range, and for those who seek a high-volume-of-fire and extremely intimidating, yet dependable firearm for home or property protection, Chiappa Firearms offers the PAK-9 semi-automatic pistol(link is external).

Built around a stamped steel chassis of Romanian manufacture, the PAK-9 pistol comes with a sling loop in lieu of the stock, with a polymer pistol grip and with a tri-railed polymer handguard. Sights are fixed, and the top cover is railed for optical sights. The controls configuration is familiar, same as in the AK, while the working principle is converted from long-stroke piston to straight blowback.

The caliber is 9mm; the magazine well is manufactured out of polymer and allows the use of Beretta 92-line pistol magazines, but it can be removed upon field-strip and replaced with an alternative magwell that allows the use of Glock 9mm magazines.

Chiappa Firearms PAK-9 pistol

Chiappa Firearms PAK-9 pistol

Chiappa Firearms PAK-9 pistol

Chiappa Firearms PAK-9 pistol




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