Remember the EAA Abdo Conceal Carry Rig post from a few years back? It was that conceal carry holster that looked like a smartphone on your belt, well here’s another product with the same idea that’s way more awesome. It’s called the Pistol Mask, because it’s a mask for your pistol.

The front panel is spring-loaded with magnetic closures, the actual holster is an inside the waistband design with spacers and screws for various pistol sizes. It will fit sub-compact pistols with a thickness of 1.05” or less, and a height of 4.6” or less. The Pistol Mask allows for the user to draw their pistol while seated or when wearing a seatbelt.

The downside? It doesn’t look like a real cell phone at all. I mean, come on. It’s floating a few inches way too high and above the belt line. It looks a bit suspect. I will give it credit, in the video below the user was able to draw their pistol fairly quickly. But still, it looks cheesy as hell. It’s probably a few steps up from conceal carrying with a shopping bag however.

The pistol mask is selling for $99 over at and it fits the following handguns:

Baretta Nano (9mm)
Glock 43 with an extended mag (9mm)
Kahr PM9 (9mm) – PM40 (40 cal) – PM45 (45 cal)
Kel Tec PF9 (9mm) – P11 (9mm)
Kimber Solo (9mm)
Ruger LCP (380) – LC9 (9mm)
SCCY CPX-1 (9mm) – CPX-2 (9mm)
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield (9mm) (40 cal)
Sig Sauer P238 (380) – P938 (9mm) – P290 (9mm)
Springfield XD-S with an extended mag (9mm) (40 cal) (45 cal)
Taurus Slim 709 (9mm) – 740 (40 cal)
Walther PPS (9mm) (40 cal) – PPS-M2 (9mm) (40 cal)





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