A federal district court judge has just sent a definitive message loud and clear regarding children born to illegal aliens. The seismic ruling affects children actually born within the United States a distinction that goes further than any other ruling regarding the legal status of what has been commonly referenced as “anchor babies.”

The ruling calls into question what has always been assumed that children born within the United States regardless of the parent’s immigration status have always been considered naturalized citizens, this stunning ruling challenges that long-held believe.

The court’s ruling means that children born to illegal immigrants in the US will NOT be granted birth certificates, and that simply being born in the United States doesn’t automatically entitle citizenship for those individuals.

The court’s decision has been explained to us this way:

The Court [said], “Plaintiffs have not presented any evidence which suggests Defendants have improperly focused on and excluded the matricula and foreign passport without visa as forms of secondary identification.”

The court also concludes that the Plaintiffs have FAILED, at this preliminary stage, and that they have not met their burden of proof in the likelihood they’ll succeed on the merits of the issues.

Moreover, the Court concluded in its summary that:

“Although the Plaintiffs have provided evidence which raises grave concerns regarding the treatment of citizen children born to immigrant parents, this case requires additional determinations which can be made only upon development and presentation of an evidentiary record which thoroughly explores the facts and circumstances of the issues raised in this case.”

Obviously, this federal court ruling denying citizenship to “anchor babies” is simply the first salvo fired, in what will no doubt be a long and protracted legal battle that will definitely be challenged in the courts by pro-immigration supporters, and will certainly end up all the way to the Supreme Court.






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