In May of this year, I got the rare opportunity to travel to  headquarters in Ashburn, VA, to take a look at some of the experimental and prototype firearms they have located there in their famous “Grey Room”. It wouldn’t be worth as much for me to just tell you about it and to snap a few foggy cell phone pictures, though, so I brought along Othais of C&Rsenal to help me take high resolution light box photos of these unique and rare firearms.

The “weapon” we will be taking a look at today is not actually a weapon at all, but a wooden mockup of the XM29 Objective Individual Combat Weapon, which was a highly ambitious program to develop a transformative infantry weapon for the 21st Century. It combines a “Kinetic” unit (basically a short barreled G36) attached to the airburst grenade launcher and the large sighting system. The only real part of this mockup is actually the magazine, a standard grey USGI aluminum unit. The XM29 was eventually broken into two programs, which became the aborted XM8 carbine and the still in development XM25 Counter-Defilade Target Engagement weapon.






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