While President Trump was campaigning one of his biggest promises was to create a Mexican border wall. Frank DeSomma, CEO of Patriot Ordnance Factory, was intrigued and decided to make the then-candidate an offer. If Trump follows through on his promise then POF will arm the tower guards for free.

Assuming a guard tower is placed every 1,200 yards (given the effective range of a 5.56 rifle to be around 600 yards), that’s about 2,917 towers along the border. The rifle DeSomma offered up costs around $1,469 a pop, so that’s a hefty $4.2 million investment at one rifle per tower.

Trump is now president, but hasn’t responded to DeSomma’s offer. Hoping to get the President’s attention, DeSomma has upped the ante and offered to upgrade the rifle to an AR-10 platform firing 7.62 rounds with an MSRP around $2,669. POF would be taking nearly $8 million on the chin, but DeSomma thinks the wall is worth it.






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