Okay, this one is going to take some convincing. Full Conceal, Inc., is offering an 80% Glock receiver that has been designed around deep concealment. Sporting a virtually non-existent grip, the design includes a magazine pouch affixed to the light rail. When drawn, the pistol is deployed by inserting themagazine into the magazine well, thereby creating a grip.

The benefits as stated by Full Conceal is a very compact package that does not print like a standard handgun. It is also billed as an alternative to ultra-compact guns because it has the sight radius of a full-sized pistol.



  • Reliability
    Original Glock components can be used
  • Non-Pistol Imprint
    Even with no holster, carrying in your pocket, no one will know…
  • More Carry Options
    Due to the rectangle imprint, carry on the ankle, detective style,…etc. and being able to full conceal is now realistic


Full Conceal


Don’t Compromise
Why settle for small magazine capacity, short barrel, short sight radius? When you go up against bad guys, from crazy mass shooters, terrorists, you need the maximum firepower you can comfortably conceal and carry. Having the larger pistol means faster follow up shots, higher bullet velocity, and better accuracy. Own the situation and make each shot count.

The downsides as I see them: the draw procedure requires removing the magazine from its carrier, inserting the magazine into the grip and racking the slide if you (hopefully) don’t carry it with a loaded chamber. If you do carry with a loaded chamber, the removal of the magazine creates the possible problem of flagging your hands and fingers with the muzzle. Of lesser concern is the fact that the light rail is no longer available for weapon light.

I am all for innovation, but I worry that the FC-G17 creates more problems than it solves. I hope they prove me wrong.





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