Leftist attempts to attack American 2nd Amendment rights in recent years were a boon for the U.S. firearm industry. And as gun sales increased, leftists shrieked that incidences of accidental shootings were bound to explode. Not so…

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The National Safety Council’s annual “Injury Facts” report indicates that the number of accidental gun deaths recorded in 2015 was 489, the lowest since accidental shooting records began in 1903. The 2015 number also represents a 17 percent drop in the number of accidental firearm fatalities a year earlier.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation pointed out: “That’s about three-tenths of 1 percent of the 146,571 total accidental deaths from all other listed causes, which are up 8 percent from 2014 to 2015. It should be noted that the decrease, which was the largest percentage decline of any category, came in a year that saw record firearms sales to many millions of Americans.”

What the numbers really show is the extreme senselessness of liberal arguments against gun ownership which use isolated tragedies to demonize firearms and their owners.

As we and countless other 2nd Amendment supporters have pointed out time and again: American gun owners are, on the whole, one of the most responsible and law-abiding segments of the nation’s society.

Still, 489 accidental firearm deaths is still far too many. The number should be zero.

That goal, however, isn’t going to be reached by prohibiting firearm ownership but buy advocating safe firearm handling education.

Back in 2014, anti-gun groups like Moms Demand Action began running web ads portraying horror scenarios where children are killed by improperly secured firearms in the home.

And they have a good point. Unsecured firearms in the home where they can be found by children who don’t understand the extreme devastation a loaded weapon is designed to inflict are truly terrifying. But, as most lifelong gun owners understand, keeping guns properly stored isn’t rocket science and it’s equally important to talk to children about the dangers of firearms.

It’s also important for people familiar with proper firearm handling techniques to teach those safety practices to new gun owners or for new firearm purchasers to seek out an NRA or other reputable firearm safety course.





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