The Hartman MH1 reflex sight is finally available for those of us in the U.S.! Actually, for the last few months, I have been testing out a pre-production model of the Hartman MH1 for my upcoming article in Firearms News. Since it’s a pre-production unit, most of the functions are limited or absent altogether. The just released production version of the Hartman MH1 will have many unique features such as the USB rechargeable build-in lithium battery, dual-motion sensors, anti-canting reticle, and user programmable system functions, plus more.

Mikey Hartman, the IDF legend, retired IDF Lieutenant Colonel, is the founder of Hartman Ltd.  He designed the MH1 from his combat experience from the IDF. The last time I spoke to him, he informed me that he already has thousands of the MH1 reflex sights pre-ordered, and that he has just secured a major foreign military contract with it.  Additionally, Hartman is currently developing a new dedicated smart grenade launcher sight for the IDF.

The Hartman MH1 works great with my Steyr AUG A3 bullpup. While the MH1 is a wider sight due to its big viewing window, the size doesn’t interfere with operating the angled charging handle on the AUG.

The Hartman MH1 is constructed from an aluminum alloy base with a polymer upper casing. From this angle, you can see the cross-section of the MH1’s prism. Unlike other conventional big viewing window reflex sights, the Hartman MH1 uses a solid prism as its main optic. The glass prism is not prone to leaking, and it’s far more impact resistant than other comparable optics that use a traditional glass lens.

Here is the Hartman MH1 with the optional PTT (push to transmit) wireless remote control unit mounted on my 14.5-inch lightweight AR-15. Iron sights co-witness through the big window of the MH1, although it’s just barely so with my tall Midwest Industries SPLP folding rear sight. I would say the Hartman MH1 is probably designed for mounting on the Israeli bullpups, such as the Tavor and the X95 which both have a slightly taller sight height than the typical AR-15 flat top.

For a detailed look of the Hartman MH1, please check out my article in the upcoming issue of Firearms News. It will be one of the monthly color printed issues. The Hartman MH1 reflex sight is distributed exclusively in the United States by CAA out of Pompano Beach, Florida.

Hartman MH1 Reflex Sight Specifications:
Power Source USB rechargeable Lithium battery + a single backup Lithium CR123 battery
Window Size 1.377 x .9448 in. / 35 x 24mm
Weight 12.77 oz. / 362 gr
Height Max 2.5 inches
Length Max 5.375 inches
Width Max 2.0625 inches
Reticle Brightness Settings 10 brightness levels (5 day & 5 night) user adjustable with the optional interface
Motion Sensor Dual X, Y and Z axis. Activation on a 30° motion
Night Vision Mode Yes
Charging Time Two hours
Low Battery Indicator Reticle flashes rapidly two hours before shutdown user adjustable with optional interface
Parallax Near Parallax Free
Dot Size 2 MOA dot 2 inch @ 100 yard / 5.8 cm @ 100 meter
Windage & Elevation Adjustment (per click/range) 1/4 mrad per click = 0.86 MOA per click (0.9 in at 100 yd. / 25mm at 100m)
Mount MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny mount
Housing Material Aluminum base and Polymer cover
Colors Black, Tan, Green
MSRP $650.00

A short clip on Mikey Hartman and the MH1:






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