In a “I really didn’t expect anyone to do this… ever” moment, High Tower Armory has announced that they will be releasing a new bullpup conversion kit for the Hi Point carbine.

 Released October 19th on their Facebook page (I had to make sure it was not April 1st), it looks like High Tower Armory is indeed serious about the bullpup chassis.

Looking over the rendering, it looks like High Tower is taking the HiPoint into the fully ambidextrous club. The safety is a disc-style (like FN) under the trigger and and magazine release seems to be mounted just above said trigger.

 The charging handle will be mounted forward of the grip (a nice touch) and the weapon will feature uninterrupted top and bottom picatinny rails.

For those appreciating a modular approach, High Tower stated that the braces are removeable. Further, there appears to be M-LOK slots for modular accessory mounting.

In the comments on the announcement here, High Tower is further adding intrigue to future releases by teasing that the magazine well is designed to handle “stock” magazines and has a bushing internally for larger, higher-capacity offerings.

No pricing or release date was announced, but High Tower Armory tends to move at a fast pace. Customers looking to upgrade their carbine will likely not have to wait long.





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