You know how we’ve been saying that Hillary Clinton would be the worst President ever for gun rights (something her daughter confirmed) and that the left is coming for our guns? And you know how the left claims that’s just paranoia and NRA brainwashing?

Courtesy of The Free Beacon…

“I think that for most of our history, there was a nuanced reading of the Second Amendment until the decision by the late Justice Scalia, and there was no argument until then that localities and states and the federal government had a right, as we do with every amendment, to impose reasonable regulations,” she said. “So I believe we can have common-sense gun safety measures consistent with the Second Amendment.”

To little George’s credit, he did try asking the question, point blank, several times… to get a straight answer. Boy, did he try.

“And the Heller decision also does say there can be some restrictions, but that’s not what I asked. I said, do you believe that their conclusion that an individual’s right to bear arms is a constitutional right?”

Straightforward enough, right? Hillary’s answer? Not so much…

“If it is a constitutional right, then it, like every other constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulations, and what people have done with that decision is to take it as far as they possibly can and reject what has been our history from the very beginning of the republic, where some of the earliest laws that were passed were about firearms,” Clinton said.

First off, it’s important to note that in this context, “regulations” actually means “Hillary Clinton’s whims.” Second, if it’s a constitutional right… IT’S NOT SUBJECT TO HER WHIMS/REGULATIONS. Just like the First Amendment. This is pretty simple stuff. Schoolhouse Rock and what have you.

Of course, Hillary Clinton inevitably tries to pivot her “regulations” argument to the whole “back then, they only had muskets, blahblahblah” nonsense. None of which is true. Just how untrue is it? Well, I’ve created a video for you to provide historical context.

If you can’t be bothered to watch it, let me summarize. Back at the drafting of The Constitution, high-capacity, quick-firing weapons existed. The founding fathers knew about them, and the founding fathers expressly included them in the Second Amendment. That being said, watch the video.




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