In a survival circumstance, having the capacity to ad lib a weapon from effortlessly got things could very well spare your life. That is the place the black pipe shotgun goes onto the scene. This video broadly expounds how to make your own custom made shotgun. In a crisis, this learning is positively entirely helpful. For amusement purposes, this little DIY shotgun may be the least expensive approach to have your own one of a kind shotgun. Where there is a will there is a way. The natively constructed pipe shotgun is positively a lesson in independence in beset times.The Noisy Cricket 12 ga. black pipe shotgun. This is not absolutely a safe thing to do so don’t do it…

This homemade and BATF legal shotgun was made mostly from black pipe and black pipe grade fittings. JB Weld was used to glue the components together. The breech plug is a press fit to the receiver pipe (JB welded into the receiver pipe) and supported by a spacer made from black pipe (also JB Welded in). The black pipe reducer fitting supports the spacer and is JB Welded to the receiver pipe. The butt stock pipe is JB Welded to the reducer fitting. All of the pipe thread joints were tightened with pipe wrenches when they were JB Welded.

It was very important to find black pipe nipples that slide together without interference. At the hardware store, I measured several pipes O.D. and I.D. using a precision caliper to find the pieces of 1″ pipe and 3/4″ pipe that would slide together without bindage. I found that pipe diameters varied by as much as .020″ . Some pipes are way out of round which will also cause bindage between pipes. I love my 4″ precision caliper (digital) from Harbor Freight. I paid $15 for it and it makes DIY so much easier.

This finished shotgun is never less than 26″ long when it’s a functional firearm and it can’t be made smaller without special tools.

Your state laws may prohibit owning or building this shotgun.





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