When discussing concealed carry laws most people completely neglect that other invaluable tool that should be a part of your EDC, a good knife.

Laws and restrictions vary widely from state to state, and most people are surprisingly unaware of the limitations in their area. Things get even worse when you start traveling. That fixed blade you’ve worn on your belt for the last 20 years in Texas will be a big problem if you’re visiting family in Georgia.

Switchblades aren’t illegal across the US, neither are ballistic knives. In some states the concealed carry limit is 3″ but could be as high as 5″ in others.

Take a look at this helpful infographic made by the good folks at Knife Up magazine. Keep in mind that all laws are subject to change at any time. NOTE: Some states laws may have changed since the publication of this infographic. Use this map as a starting guide, but do your own research before you walk out the door with a weapon.

This guide is very general, some of the states marked here have restrictions on knives only in certain areas like schools and government buildings. Do your own research to find out the specific requirements for your state.

Know your rights and spread the word.





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