Soldiers want lightweight gear, and that’s what the 240LW machine gun aims to provide. “It’s made for machine gunners by machine gunners,” said Jordan Progar, with Barrett’s international sales team. The 20-pound gun cuts 5 pounds from its traditional weight by losing extra steel that was part of its riveted box receiver. The lightweight receiver is built from forgings that are then welded together.




With no extra steel or rivets to vibrate loose, the receiver has two components, compared with 64 in the original M240. The quick-change barrel is 21.5 inches and is belt-fed using M13 links.


The quick-detach and adjustable-height bipod latches at the hinge instead of the receiver and folds to the front or rear.


Progar said troops will love how easy it is to clean the 240LW.  “Military guys hate cleaning guns,” said Progar, who served in the Marine Corps.


The gun’s internals are coated with nickel boron — all you need to clean it is a baby wipe, Progar explained. Progar said Barrett has received orders from three countries — 2 NATO countries — for the 240LW so far.





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