Muslims are forcing unlikely groups to unite against them. The Mafia has joined with the government and the church to get revenge on the jihadists.

Police have thwarted the plot conducted by three Muslim terrorists to blow up a historic bridge in Venice, Italy. The Rialto Bridge is a popular site for Christian tourists who flock to Rome for Easter.

The Mafia has stepped up to fight off the invading Islamic forces after hearing of the plot. They are now vowing to shut down every mosque within 100 miles of Venice.

The plan has already enjoyed success. The specific mosque that was attended by the three terrorists has been permanently shut down.

This is just the latest battle in a long war between the Mafia and Muslim immigrants. Last year, the Mafia declared war on the incoming migrants after a man was shot in the head when he was walking through the streets of Palermo.

Many of the so-called refugees who are flocking to Europe are members of crime syndicates in their home countries, and now they are attempting to operate in the backyard of the Mafia, resulting in a deadly turf war.

However, the war also rises above the concerns of criminal enterprises. Italy is the home of the Catholic church and members of the Mafia are deeply religious. Last Christmas, Muslim immigrants were able to successfully remove Jesus from a nativity scene.

Muslims destroyed the nativity scene, and liberals in Italy caved to the barbarians and removed Jesus from the manger. As a result, the Mafia and a local priest joined forces and refused to back down to the demands of terrorists.

The courage of the mobsters to stand up against the invading Muslim forces has encouraged law-abiding Italians to stand up and protect their culture. Mass protests have broken out with locals shouting, “Italy for Italians.” The Mafia used to play a major role in protecting the city from undesirable people, but as their power has been diminished in recent years, hordes of Muslims have moved in.

Italy is the home of the Catholic church, and Christianity spread through Rome to the rest of Europe and the world. Now, the Christian capital resembles a North African city, where the Muslim call to prayer drowns out the sounds of church bells.

If not even Rome is safe from the forces of Islam, then nowhere is safe. We need to remain vigilant and protect our culture from the invading hordes.

Muslims are fully aware that they are engaged in a holy war against us, but liberals are too politically correct to admit it. At least the Mafia is standing up for what is left of Italy — someone has to.






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