Florida – -( Well, those three Oklahoma home invaders must have been friends with Mary Margaret Oliver (Georgia General Assembly for House District 82), since the poor souls were killed right there on the spot by one of those evil AR-15 rifles using one of those evil “high capacity” magazines she wants to ban.

I mean, they were her buddies, weren’t they? Isn’t the whole purpose of the Georgia legislation she keeps trying to get passed to protect “victims of gun violence” like this?

Why didn’t the 19 year old home defender use a double-barreled shotgun like Oliver’s Democrat ally and former VP Joe Biden said ( video below ) was best in situations like this? Once the men were inside his home, the young resident could have walked out on his porch or balcony and blasted his two rounds, emptying his shotgun.

If the three “home shoppers” (one with a knife and one with brass knuckles) decided at that point to not run, then the home defender would just have to use his shotgun as a club, since it would be empty at that point.

And to Democrats and RINOs, clubs are perfect for self-defense use against multiple attackers, but not those EVIL “weapons of mass destruction” such as the AR-15 rifle and similar weapons.

I mean, no one was hunting deer here, right? You don’t need an AR-15 to hunt deer. Those three men were not deer were they? Oh, the horror of it all!

What if some of the rounds the young man fired ricocheted all through the neighborhood killing dozens?

Those “high powered” bullets are practically unstoppable, you know? The .223 round the AR-15 uses is so awesome that some states have BANNED them for hunting deer, because they lack the knockdown power to put 200 pound deer quickly down and out.

Thank goodness for folks like Mary Margaret Oliver who just “want to have a conversation” and inject some “common sense” into all this mess about guns.

If she could only get her way, lives could be saved! Just ask those poor three souls in Oklahoma, who are somewhere in eternity. I’m sure they are now so upset with us gun-nut liberty lovers who have opposed efforts by people like Representative Oliver.

Let me ask you good folks, if three men broke into your home, which would you prefer? A club, two rounds of shotgun ammo, or a lightweight, easy to hold and accurate rifle with a 30 round magazine?





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