A Maryland man was in for a bit more than he bargained after deciding to run from police. Although he was able to hop aboard a bus, officers would quickly stop the vehicle, resulting in the man opening fire upon them – and that’s about the time the cops wiped the evil grin off his face for good.

The incident took place in Dundalk, just outside of Baltimore, on June 7, but three different video angles have just recently been released by officials. As it turns out, 35-year-old Blaine Robert Erb held up two people in a store parking lot before the Muslim boarded a city bus in a desperate attempt to flee the crime scene.

Unfortunately for him, police had a good description of not only what the man looked like, but how he got away. Before long, they pulled over the bus that Erb was riding in – and that’s about the time that things took a horrific turn.

 Bare Naked Islam reports that “the Muslim gunman, dressed in full Islamic supremacist garb,” can be seen in the footage opening fire on police. As one would imagine, terrified bystanders immediately took off running in hopes of getting as far away from the madman as possible.

Of course, police were returning fire in Erb’s direction as he was seen wielding two handguns and firing in both directions as officers approached from all sides. Unfortunately, the shocking chain of events resulted in a 7-minute firefight that left the local community fearing for their lives.

However, the shocking ordeal would eventually come to an end – and when it did, the smug grin that Erb was once wearing was wiped off his face for good. By the time the dust had settled, although one officer had been shot, the Muslim thug was the only one lying bloodied and dead on the ground.

The officer who was shot is expected to make a full recovery, and police had no problem quickly declaring Erb’s death as justified. “Honestly, I was shocked,” Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger told CBS Baltimore. “I have, in all my years, never seen an individual shooting out of two guns, at the same time, at police in different directions.”

Although the liberal mainstream media has yet to mention the fact that Erb was actually a Muslim, that hasn’t stopped people from connecting the dots. Take, for instance, the image that Ambrose Kane found that shows the thug wearing a head covering, white robe, and traditionally trimmed Islamic facial hair (long beard and extremely short mustache), just like he wore on the day of the standoff.

What Blaine Robert Erb looks like now (left) vs. the outdated picture of him that the media is using (right)

Of course, the media is using an older picture of the man that appears to have been taken before his conversion to Islam. However, the more recent image certainly paints things in a different light.

The Quran does command it’s followers to “kill” the infidel “wherever you find them” (Quran 2:191-193). Furthermore, the so-called “prophet” Muhammad urged Muslims to steal from the infidel as a way of “fulfilling Allah’s promise” to them (Ibn Ishaq 327, 503, and 764).

In short, it seems that Erb was merely following the words of his newly accepted “god” and thought he was well within his right to take what wasn’t his simply because those he was stealing from weren’t fellow members of the Muslim faith. As for the cops, well, he couldn’t allow an infidel to stand in the way of what was rightfully his.





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