Most destructive 12ga shotgun round ever made that destroys bulletproof glass – Tim from Tactical G-Code makes his own particular slugs and shotgun pellets. Some of them are really merciless – ready to slice through practically anything. His most recent?

A round nose metal pellet that can hurdle through practically anything. What’s more, he’s demonstrating it by taking off into the forested areas and shooting them at a group of stuff. Leading he test drives the slug by shooting it into ballistics gel. At that point he ups his diversion by nailing one into polycarbonate. At that point he shoots a rocking the bowling alley dish and some wood for impact.

He may well have recently revealed a standout amongst the most great projectiles out there. There doesn’t appear to be an excessive amount of that this shotgun slug can’t tear through.





  1. Yes sir that was ASSUME i noticed you are using a bolt action Mossberg can these be fired in a pump action and also is your barrel rifle or smooth? Like i said ASSUME!

  2. im surprised the brass holds together that well,no flaring at all. Would like to know what the poly did to it, very interesting. Thank you for showing.

  3. That is one awesome shotgun slug! I enjoy the heck out of watching your videos.

  4. This is the most awesome round I’ve ever seen. Makes me remember my childhood Hunter with my pellet gun. Would love to have the bread pellet

  5. Good heavens!!! Is there any chance that this kind of round will be available commercially? Is the give-a-way for the key chain pellet still going? I would dearly love to have such an item as someone who has always been interested and awed by recovered rounds. As a small child I would go with my father whenever he would shoot, just so I could dig through the dirt mound back stop he made to recover all of his expended lead!


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