An MSBNC online poll asking if “people should be allowed to carry guns in public” found that 449K respondents said “yes,” with only 19K respondents saying “no.” The poll is non-scientific, but it was open to the public and it appears the public responded. Those taking the poll read one question, “Do you believe people should be allowed to carry guns in public?” They then chose from three possible answers: 1. Yes! The Second Amendment guarantees it. 2. No, it’s too dangerous. 3. Only for self-defense.

The results as of June 28: 449K said “Yes! The Second Amendment guarantees it,” 19K said “No, it’s too dangerous,” and 18K said, “Only for self-defense.”

It would seem fair to combine responses 1 and 3, since those who carry guns in public do so for self-defense. That would put the divide between pro-concealed carry answers and anti-concealed carry answers at 556K to 19K.

Either way, concealed carry overwhelming carried the day.





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