Nevada lawmakers are working to straighten out the conflict between legal gun users and legal marijuana users.

A wide array of marijuana-focused bills were recently introduced to members of the Nevada Senate, as well as the Assembly, to help come up with regulations for the substance that’s not legal for recreational use in the state.

Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, introduced bill SB 351, which theoretically would allow medical marijuana users to also possess a concealed carry permit. Currently, applicants seeking a permit to carry a concealed firearm are being denied if they are also a medical marijuana card holder.

Whether this bill moves to become a law or not, it certainly opens the door to a conversation many folks will scorn harshly. With the use of legal marijuana spreading rapidly, this is a discussion that will have to be had by many states eventually.

So, what are your views on such a bill being introduced?





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