An Islamic terrorist attack in the state of New York has rattled the American people. However, the Mayor of New York City has just told his citizens that they shouldn’t worry about the jihadist violence.In fact Mayor Bill de Blasio, along with the mayors of London and Paris wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times that said terrorism that is committed by refugees is “vanishingly rare.”

“Militant violence is vanishingly rare,” the three wrote, despite the fact that three separate terrorist attacks just happened in the United States over the weekend.

The attacks carried out in New York and New Jersey was thought to be by Ahmad Khan Rahami. Now it’s true that Rahami isn’t a refugee; he is a naturalized citizen. However his family moved here from Afghanistan and he took several trips to Pakistan, where he started being very religious and wearing traditional Muslim robes.

There was another terrorist attack that happened in Minnesota. Dahir Adan launched a Jihad mass stabbing at the Crossroads Center mall. Adan was also a naturalized citizen of the United States, but he and his parents were refugees from Somalia. They moved to the United States when Adan was only three months old.


There Was An Attack On The Crossroads Center Mall By The Child Of A Somali Refugee

According to Kyle Shideler, the director of threat information at the Center for Security policy, the tone of the op-ed is on par with progressive rhetoric that angry Americans are going to take revenge on innocent Muslims.

“It sort of plays into this whole backlash narrative they’re constantly pushing, even though we haven’t really seen that.” Shideler also said that most Americans “would prefer that they worry more about the terrorism.”

If you are being hyper-technical, de Blasio is right. It seems that terrorist attacks by refugees alone are rare. However when you bring in terrorist attacks by Muslim immigrants or refugees AND their children, then you have nearly every high-profile attack carried out in the United States.


If You’re Hyper-Technical, Then He Is Right. But People Are Still Going To Be Tired Of His Political Correctness

Not only that, but you also have a majority of the convictions on terror-related charges. There was a report released in June by the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and National Interest. That report showed that 380 people that were convicted of terrorism-related charges from September 11, 2001 to the end of 2014 were born outside of the United States.

If that wasn’t bad enough, at least 100 citizens that were convicted of terrorism-related charges became naturalized citizens after entering one of America’s immigration programs. That number can be broken down even more.

Remember those refugees that President Obama and Hillary Clinton want to bring in so much? Well at the very least, 24 of the convicts were REFUGEES. Not only that, but 17 convicts came from U.S. born children of immigrants.


Those Refugees That Obama And Clinton Want To Bring In So Bad Are Responsible For Terrorist Attacks As Well

So while de Blasio might be politically correct in his statements, it isn’t going to help him at all. He was, and still is, on the hot seat because he didn’t want to identify the bombing as a terrorist attack. Not only that, but his conduct AS MAYOR was subpar at best.

The former New York Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, suggested in an interview that the mayor’s administration is too politically correct and overly sensitive to media criticism. That combination makes it extremely difficult to fight terrorism.

If you refuse to acknowledge and event for what it is and refuse to accept media critiques, then there is no way that anything can get done. The only thing that is going to happen is that the citizens of the state are going to get hurt.


The Former NYPD Commissioner Was Very Critical Of The Mayor

Kelly was incredibly critical of de Blasio’s choice to destroy the Demographics Unit. It was created back in 2003 to study the social habits and locations of the city’s ethnic groups. But because the Mayor is so politically correct, he didn’t want to assume anything was going on, so he destroyed it.

Kelly told The Daily Beast, “It was dumb, quite frankly.”

The former New York Police Commissioner wasn’t the only former New York official to be critical of the Mayor. Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was unsurprisingly blunt, according to the website Circa.


Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani Was His Usual Blunt Self

“He shows up and says it’s an intentional act, but not a terrorist act. Before we even knew it was Islamic-inspired, a bombing that wounds 29 of his citizens is by definition a terrorist act … So you are kind of on Mars if you can’t figure that out.”

He has a point. If you are so hesitant to even call the attack what it was, then all you are doing is deceiving the citizens of the state. Not to mention that if you refuse to acknowledge what the attack actually is, then you are giving those victims of the crime a slap in the face.

Not to mention that if you completely ignore the issue, then the terrorists effectively win. Democrats seem to think that if you ignore the issue that it will go away. That isn’t the case. You need to address the issue. Ignoring it also sends the message that the terrorists have effectively scared the people of the nation.


This Is What The Terrorists Do If We Ignore The Issue

Right now de Blasio just showed the world that he isn’t an effective leader. And to top it off he tried to write a piece saying that Muslim refugees are not violent at all. While he might be technically correct, people are going to get so sick of the political correctness that it will hurt the Democrats in the long run.

Share this article to show that the Mayor of New York City has gone way too far with the political correctness. Furthermore he tried to say that Muslim refugees are non violent, despite the fact that you just need to look overseas and see the damage that they are causing to their host countries.

If you are sick and tired of the political correctness from the Democrats, then go out and vote for Donald Trump. He has proven that he won’t hold back. That is what this country needs right now.





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