Donald Trump puts his security on the highest level.His new Cadillac is a absolute monster! It is known as Cadillac One and The ‘Beast ’ or, as President Trump now calls it, his personal limousine service.

These pictures show the brand new incarnation of the President’s official vehicle undergoing final testing before it is delivered to the White House.

The sedan is longer than two large SUVs and, for the moment, remains in white and black camouflage designed to make it more difficult to identify new features aboard the vehicle.

beast cadillac

Donald Trump’s bomb proof limo has been designed to survive a military-style or chemical warfare attack

The £1.2 million car is one of a fleet of 12 which are rotated and sent ahead of presidential visits across the globe

The windows of the Beast are bullet proof, although Trump was spotted practicing a speech in Washington on Tuesday night

The final version will be painted black and silver just like the current version, once it is given the final approval.

General Motors, which reportedly made the vehicle, had hoped for it to be ready for Mr Trump’s inauguration in January but it will now be deployed later this month.

The £1.2 million car is part of a fleet of 12 which cost around £15 million and is arguably the safest vehicle in the world, as befits the President of the United States.

The Beast weighs eight tonnes and has eight-inch thick steel doors that weigh the same as those on a Boeing 757 – and are sealed to withstand biological and chemical attacks.





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