A recent poll by Chapman University dove into the fears of Americans in 2016 and found some very interesting results. Most of these make perfect sense, some are a bit surprising. But what is possibly most interesting is how low mass shootings are on the list, and how gun control is number five on the list.

Top 10 Fears of Americans 2016

  1. Corrupt government officials – 60.6% afraid or very afraid
  2. Terrorist Attack – 41% afraid or very afraid
  3. Not having enough money for the future – 39.9% afraid or very afraid
  4. Terrorism – 38.5% afraid or very afraid
  5. Government restrictions on firearms and ammunition – 38.5% afraid or very afraid
  6. People I love dying – 38.1% afraid or very afraid
  7. Economic/financial collapse – 37.5% afraid or very afraid
  8. Identity theft – 37.1% afraid or very afraid
  9. People I love becoming seriously ill – 35.9% afraid or very afraid
  10. The Affordable Health Care Act/Obamacare – 35.5% afraid or very afraid

After the number one slot, corrupt government officials, the next 17 fears all are within 10% of each other, and a random/mass shooting doesn’t show up until #30 on the list at only 26.9% of Americans being afraid or very afraid of a random/mass shooting.

Gun Rights on the Rise

Despite what the politicians and major media outlets say, gun sales are skyrocketing, gun ownership is on the rise with 44% of households owning a gun, and support for stricter gun laws has plummeted. This poll gives us yet another data point that contradicts the gun-control narrative on how supposedly a small vocal few of Americans are pro gun.

Sure seems that government corruption is something all Americans fear much more than guns in the hands of law abiding citizens.





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