If you’re a resident of South Florida, you’re already familiar with the growing Burmese python problem.

These invasive snakes are creating havoc in the everglades and the South Florida Water Management District is offering a new reward system to encourage python hunting.

Over a two month period, volunteer hunters can be paid to hunt Burmese pythons with a bonus based on the size of the snake.

In a press release statement the SFWMD said, “The Governing Board has approved a pilot monetary compensation program that will incentivize a limited number of public-spirited individuals to kill pythons. The program will give participants unprecedented access to SFWMD lands in an effort to remove these destructive snakes, which have become an apex predator in the Everglades.”

(image source; South Florida Water Management District)

The program will last from April 1st through June 1st, 2017. 25 applicants will be drawn from a pool of nearly 1,000 potential volunteers. Hunters will be given an hourly wage for up to 8 hours a day. Each python will earn them at least $50 with an extra $25 tacked on for each additional foot. Finding a nest with unhatched eggs will earn the hunters an additional $100.

According to recent studies, Burmese python’s are responsible for the deaths of wild rabbits, deer, birds of prey, Florida panthers, bobcats, and even alligators.





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