Trackpoint, the automatic targeting system that makes “true marksman” furious is back to help US troops hit more targets with fewer rounds.

TrackPoint CEO John McHale said “we firmly believe that the M600 SR and M800 DMR will save countless lives and enable our soldiers to dominate enemy combatants including terrorists.” While critics view their system as a gimmick that will prevent shooters from learning proper marksmanship, McHale fully believes in the product. That’s why he wants to send 10 free M600 SRs or M800 DMRs to any US force fighting in the Middle East. “It’s hard to sit back and watch what is happening over there. We want to do our part. Ten guns doesn’t sound like a lot but the dramatic leap in lethality is a great force multiplier. Those ten guns will feel like two hundred to the enemy.”

Retired Colonel Tommy Gilmore support’s McHale’s enthusiasm. “The modern battlefield is a dynamic, confusing, and very lethal environment,” Gilmore said in a TrackPoint testimonial. “We have seen extraordinary advances in major weapon systems development. Now we see with the TrackingPoint precision-guided M600 SR and M800 DMR a force multiplier and a major step forward for the individual soldier, sailor, airmen, and marine. I have shot several TrackingPoint PGFs, in fact I own one, and can say without reservation the TrackingPoint PGFs are by far the most lethal and accurate small-arms weapons platform ever designed and produced.”

To prove their point, TrackPoint shows their product’s effectiveness against three targets at 600 yards with the M600 SR, a potential replacement for the M4A1. According to a 1999 United States Army White Feather Study, the odds of an operation sniper making these same shots the first time in succession are 1 in 37,037. At least that’s what the video tells us.

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