Sending death of distance is very far. Sneaking, hiding with camouflage tight, protect from attack enemy troop movements, that’s the picture of a sniper. Each entity almost everything has a sniper, and some of them have scored hits in the longest shoot your opponent. Here are TOP 10 Longest Sniper Kill Shot Ever.

1. Craig Harrison, British Army (2.475 m)

Craig Harrison Sniper, British Army
Craig Harrison is a former Corporal of Horse in the Blues and Royals, a cavalry regiment of the British Army

Corporal Horse Craig Harrison has been providing support sniper in the crossfire between his friends and Afghan insurgents. Towards the end of the three-hour battle that occurred in November 2009, Harrison saw a number of enemy sniper with his assistants carry at a distance of more than 1.5 miles from where he was.

He then started shooting. The bullet took six seconds off her fired up to hit a target. He shot five times. Two shots missed but one shot guts gunner, assistant gunner shoot another, and finally destroy the machine gun. He became one of the Longest Sniper Kill Shot Ever.

2. Rob Furlong, Canada (2.430 m)

Rob Furlong Sniper Kill Story
Rob Furlong, is a Canadian former military sniper who at one time held the record for the longest confirmed sniper kill in combat, at 2,430 m

During Operation Anaconda, while hunting down militants in the Valley Shahikot Afghanistan in March 2002, Cpl. Rob Furlong Canada was supervising a group of US soldiers and enemy automatic weapons saw the team climb the ridge at a distance of 1.5 miles. His first two shots missed but the third shot right on the enemy to death.

3. Arron Perry, Canada (2.310 m)

Arron Perry Sniper, Canadian Forces
Arron Perry is a former Master Corporal in the Canadian Forces who in March 2002 broke the 34-year-old record for the longest recorded sniper kill in combat, completing a kill at a range of 2,310 m during the War in Afghanistan

Master Corporal Arron Perry is also supporting US troops in Operation Anaconda when he saw an enemy observer is located at a distance of 1.43 miles away. Perry took aim observer appropriately. Perry holds the record for longest sniper kill in the world for a few days before Furlong defeat.

4. Bryan Kremer, USA (2.300 m)

Brian Kremer Sniper - Longest Sniper Kill Shot Ever (2300 m)
Army Ranger Sgt. Bryan Kremer made a 2,300-meter kill in Iraq that now stands as the farthest for an American sniper. Longest Sniper Kill Shot Ever (2.300 m)

Sgt. Bryan Kremer placed into Iraq with 2th Ranger Battalion in March 2004 when he took a shot from a distance of 1.42 miles and killed an Iraqi insurgent. Details of the fighting is still kept secret, but in March 2004 was the longest shot by American snipers.

5. Carlos Hathcock, USA (2.286 m)

Carlos Hathcock Sniper
Carlos Norman Hathcock II was a United States Marine Corps sniper with a service record of 93 confirmed kills

Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Hathcock is one of the most respected names in the US Marine Corps and make a note of the farthest shot in 1967 with a machine gun. Record last 35 years before Perry beat it.

Hathcock has M2 in single-shot mode with a scope mounted on top. He saw a Vietcong soldier push bikes laden with weapons and made two shots. The first smash the bike and the second killed soldier.

6. South African Special Forces (2.125 m)

South African Special Forces Sniper
South African Special Forces Sniper

A South African battalion deployed in UN brigade to fight the M23 rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo. During the Battle of Kibati, a South African sniper unnamed M23, killing six officers in a single day in 2013. The farthest confirmed shot is from a distance of 1.32 miles.

7. Nicholas Ranstad, USA (2.092 m)

Nicholas Ranstad Sniper
Nicholas Ranstad One of the most famous snipers can be found

Snipers when on the battlefield sometimes shoot different objects on the battlefield to collect information about how round they move through the air at a specific location. Spc. Nicholas Ranstad had opened fire on a stone, leaving a small trail of white markings on the rock.

In January 2008 he was lucky enough to see four Afghan militants standing in front of her original target shooting. Those people are at a distance of 1.28 miles. His first shot missed, but the second killed one insurgent. And the other three fled.

8. Chris Kyle, USA (1.920 m)

The Legend of Chris Kyle American Sniper
The Legend of Chris Kyle American Sniper

Chris Kyle is an American nationality, a member of the US Navy SEAL Team 3, Charlie. Chris Kyle recorded his name in the record Longest Sniper Kill Shot Ever at the time of the Iraq war in August 2009, using the McMillan Tac-338 Weapons Chris Kyle managed to kill at a distance of 1,920 m

9. Corporal Christopher Reynolds, British Army (1.853 m)

Corporal Christopher Reynolds British Sniper
Corporal Christopher Reynolds British sniper killed a Taliban leader with the longest-ever fatal bullet shot in Afghanistan

Corporal Christopher Reynolds, Sniper of British army unit 3 Scots – The Black Watch became one of the 10 best sniper of the world, occurred in war Afghanistan August 2009, Corporal Chistopher Reynolds kill enemy soldiers from a distance of 1,853 m with weapons types Accuracy International L115A3 and bullets 338 Lapua Magnum bullets LockBase B408

10. AL-GNAS AL-SABOR, Arabian Army (1.700 m )

AL-GNAS AL-SABOR of the Saudi Arabian Army Sniper
AL-GNAS AL-SABOR of the Saudi Arabian Army Sniper

In January 2016 Yemen war sniper  AL-GNAS AL-SABOR of the Saudi Arabian Army record Longest Sniper Kill Shot Ever from a distance of 1,700 m using LRT-3 weapon types Sniper Rifle and bullet 50 BMG sniper name is withheld by the forces of saudi arabia.





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