Jeff from TAOFLEDERMAUS shows us some footage of him at the range where he saw two firearms sitting on the bench where he thought they were side by side 28 shotguns but it turned out he was wrong; those firearms are quintessential elephant custom made double rifles.

One is a .450 Nitro Express and the other is .500 Nitro Express, showing us a closer look at the .500 Nitro express cartridge as a 570-grain bullet which delivers around 5800 ft·lbf of energy maybe less but it is still a beast. These rifles are custom-made, handmade and custom-fit to the shooter, they are ideal for hunting. On his case the firearm owner will shoot buffalos with it which is around 2,000lb so they know what they are doing.

What do you guys think about these rifles and the ammo, would you want to try and shoot it? Share your thoughts with us!





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