The video features the world’s smallest gun – the Japanese 2mm pinfire pistol. It is so small it fits in a matchbox – with room to spare for bullets. The bullets themselves are around one and a half inch in length and achieve a speed up to 1000 feet per second. However, its energy is only about 1 foot per pound.


For comparison, a regular 22-long rifle bullet is placed next to a matchbox, and is shown to be half as long as the matchbox. When the box is opened, the pistol is inside, complete with tiny caps and a miniscule ramrod. Made in Japan, the pistol is even smaller than the narrator’s thumb. It’s silver-plated, a single-action, and its miniature barrel folds down so caps can be loaded. When placed next to the 22LR, the pistol is only a little bit longer than the bullet.

He demonstrates how to load the gun. The ammunition is so tiny that you practically need tweezers to pick them up. The rounds are the size of peppercorns. The guns aren’t reliable, he says, and may take two or three attempts before they go off. The gun is loaded, as the pin can be seen.

He sets up a soda can to see if the gun can penetrate it, and fires. There’s a lot of smoke and a small pinging sound. The round went into the can, but did not exit through the other side – the entry point looks no larger than a pin prick, surrounded by a small dent, and when he rattled the can, the round could be heard inside.

He says he got the gun from a broker for $70, 12 caps and 12 balls, and is no louder than a cap gun so it’s an excellent toy for indoors. He just wanted to show that it works, and to test how effective it can be.





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