Swiss culture is already fed up with the immigration problems that the EU has inflicted on them.

They have had enough. Switzerland is a non-EU member, but the problem is that the Swiss would be forced to implement these gun control measures.  Swiss are obliged to implement this under cross border agreements with the EU. The reach of the EU is unbelievable. EU forces the Swiss culture to limit online weapon sales and  impose greater restrictions on assault weapons.  The EU decided to enact these measures right after the Paris Terrorist attacks from ISIS members. It was enacted during a time when people need weapons to defend themselves. In conclusion, all these events have created real anger in Switzerland.

The Swiss Culture’s reaction to these directives have been overwhelmingly negative.

The ban means a ban on the long existing Swiss tradition of ex-soldiers keeping their assault rifles. Consequently, they would have to give those up with this new directive.  In the fine print the EU is also trying to push for psychological tests and cracking down on gun club memberships.  Europe has finally had enough with liberalism. Sometimes I wish America’s reaction was as swift as what we are seeing in Europe. Europe has been inflicted with socialism for decades and they are finally pushing back. Most of America hasn’t experienced a full throttle socialist society, and are ignorant to the dangers of it. If they were aware and awake they would be more apt to speak out.  Because we’ve been ignorant for so long on the dangers of statism, we won’t realize when socialism takes control of America.