Are Your Firearms Covered?

How To Insure Your Guns Whether you own firearms for hunting, self-defense or recreation, you may be wondering if your homeowners insurance is affected by gun ownership. Most homeowners insurance covers firearms under the policy’s personal property coverage, but how much coverage you have depends on your base policy and any extra coverage you’ve added. […]

Four Factors When Valuing Your Gun

4Factors To Consider When Valuing Your Gun Make and model. Condition. Rarity. History.  These are the four factors that tend to appeal to collectors and help determine the value of collectible guns. Tastes differ as to which is most important. Make and Model Make and model tends to be the starting point for evaluating collectible […]

Whats The Deal With Online CCW Courses?

Here’s What You Need To Know Let’s face it, a firearms (change to gun range) range is not for everyone. In (change to with) all the concealed carry classes Virginia, or any state, has to offer, you won’t always get a quick lesson in how to handle your gun and leave confident in your knowledge.  […]