NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (WKRN/CNN) – A state lawmaker in Tennessee used a lemonade stand to make a statement about gun control on Wednesday.

Democrat Mike Stewart set up the stand new the state capitol in Nashville, Tennessee, to demonstrate how easy he believes it is to buy a gun. On the stand, he sold lemonade for $.75, cookies for $1.00 and an AK-47 for $700. His sign made it clear there were no background checks.

“You shouldn’t be able to get irritated at a fellow criminal in the morning and buy this weapon and five clips and the ammo to fill them so you can go back and shoot him or her in the evening,” he said.

Stewart said he bought an assault rifle from a private seller he found on the internet Wednesday morning.

He later proposed a bill that would limit gun sales to licensed dealers and require background checks, but Stewart’s bill did not sway Republican colleagues. They rejected the bill with a voice vote.





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