The Savage 24B-DL 20 gauge/.22 Magnum combination gun is one trusty gem. Whether the wild game has four legs or wings this unique gun has the right gun for you. Pick a rifle or a shotgun barrel and that game animal is yours.The Savage 24B-DL 20 gauge/.22 Magnum shotgun/rifle is a rifle and a shotgun at a moments notice.

This weapon is a deluxe model “DL” and shoots both the .22 Magnum and the 20-gauge shotshell. This unique double barrel shotgun and rifle has a lot to offer the hunter. If your game is on the wing, switch to the shotgun barrel. Long shots get the rifle barrel.

Many versions and caliber/gauge combinations were also made by Savage Arms. There was even a 30/30 rifle over a 12 gauge barrel. Now there is power.

Sadly the Savage 24 combination gun series has not been manufactured in years. Watch gun shows and pawn shops for your chance to own this very handy weapon.





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