This is a quick look at the company’s 9mm SMG. The KRISS Vector started life as a .45 SMG, but has since evolved. The 9mm model take Glock magazines and have a 5.5″ barrel. For velocity purposes, I would love to see these guns with an 8″ barrel, but a 5.5″ combined with the folding stock gives a very compact package. The Vector series are a family of weapons developed by KRISS USA (formerly known as TDI, Transformational Defense Industries). They use diverted recoil in the form of the “Kriss Super V” system.

There are four main variants marketed: the SMG is the military and LE version with a 5.5 inch barrel and select-fire, while the civilian semi-auto version of the SMG is called the SBR (“short barrel rifle,” with “special operations” appended in older marketing). For states with SBR bans, the CRB (“carbine”) version is available with a 11.5-inch permanent extension to the standard barrel oddly referred to as a “safety extension” in some literature. A “pistol” version with an end cap instead of a stock is also available, the SDP (“special duty pistol” or “security detail pistol”).

A second-generation redesign called the K10 with alterations including a vertical charging handle, integral collapsible stock and replaceable magwell for switching between .45 ACP, .40 S&W, and 9mm Parabellum was displayed at SHOT Show 2011, but has not been seen since 2013; in 2015, new “Gen II” versions of the original Vector models with redesigned pistol grips and safeties and compatibility with a new 9mm lower were announced, which appear to have replaced the K10. “Enhanced” versions are also available, but these simply add accessories which can be bought separately, an AR15-style stock adaptor (provided with a Magpul UBR collapsible stock) and an angular shroud for the barrel on the CRB version.

Gen II versions (with the exception the CRB Enhanced, for some reason) are also available with factory Cerakote coatings in olive drab or flat dark earth, in addition to the original flat black.





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