Despite the American people making their stance against stricter gun control abundantly clear, anti-gun liberals nevertheless continue to propose further infringements upon the Second Amendment-protected natural right to keep and bear arms. Perhaps realizing they lack the support for a full ban or confiscation efforts, some anti-gunners are pursuing a more circuitous route to try to limit the number of effective firearms in the hands of the citizenry by going after the ammunition that is fed into those firearms.

Case in point: a new law proposed in the state of Illinois that would have each individual bullet sold in the state stamped with a traceable serial number, according to WFLD.

Ostensibly promoted as a way to crack down on the rampant gun violence in places like Chicago, the process would, according to gun control activists, allow police to recover bullets and spent casings from crime scenes, locate the unique code on each piece, and trace it back to the store from which it was sold, potentially discovering the individual who purchased the ammunition.

“We just want to know how the guns and the bullets are getting into the hands of our youth and causing senseless harm and murder on our streets,” explained Rep. Sonya Harper.

Gun store owners immediately decried the proposal, noting it would require immense amounts of paperwork on their end, would create a virtually impossible task of keeping records for every ammo purchase, and was not a serious solution to the gun violence problem in the first place.

“Don’t go after these bullets and this bullet stamping thing — that’s ridiculous. Go after the gang bangers, the people who are let out on the streets from parole,” said Fred Lutger of Freddie Bear Sports, a gun store located in Tinley Park.

While this proposal on its face appeared to be little more than a major inconvenience for licensed gun store owners and ammo dealers, left unsaid was the massive effect it would have for the community of gun ownerswho reload their own ammunition at home.

Should this law take effect, it would prove essentially impossible for reloaders and home manufacturers of ammunition to continue doing what they do, as they would be required to enter the expensive and red tape-choked bureaucratic mess of gun law compliance.

Furthermore, it remained unclear whether the law would mandate stamping a code on the actual bullet itself, or merely the shell casing that contains the bullet. Experienced shooters know that bullets become exceptionally deformed after being fired and hitting a target, which would likely make any code stamped on it unreadable and therefore worthless.

Also, actual bullets aren’t always recovered from crime scenes or shooting victims. A code stamped on the casing would make more sense, but would still be an expensive bureaucratic nightmare that would do little to stop criminals, as they could simply make sure they recover their spent brass following a shooting.

In truth, this is just another unworkable and ignorant idea from the anti-gunners who simply don’t understand how firearms work and refuse to address the underlying root causes or perpetrators of gun violence, which have very little to do with gun store owners or ammo reloaders.

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