Armory company «Stiletto Systems Limited» will show a weapon of its own design on the arms exhibition in Kyiv. The exhibition “Arms and Security 2016” will present sniper rifle “300 WSM», the development of this company «Stiletto Systems Limited».


VPR series sniper rifles are in fact the first Ukrainian-made sniper rifles and not a replicas or clones of models of other weapons manufacturers. Rifles are produced at the PJSC Mayak Plant in Kiev by the order of the state concern Ukroboronprom. The rifle is produced with two types of chambering: 7.62×51 mm cartridge for VPR-308 model, and very popular cartridge 338 «Lapua Magnum» (8.6×70 mm) for VPR-338 model.


The unique breech blocks and the barrel extension of the rifle are the inventions of the producer. The barrel extension is made of the corrosion-proof and thermally processed steel. It has closed design and provides the highest durability and rigidity.
All barrel extensions are of the two sizes: standard and a long one. The size impacts on the weight of the weapon: for example, barrel extension used in VPR-338 model is more solid and longer.


The mechanism of the weapon – is the bolt action with a manual reloading. There are two rows of recoil lugs (three lugs in each row) located in the front part of the mechanism ensuring strong and stable locking of the barrel extension. Rifle has completely adjustable, side-folding stock of a frame construction; the ergonomic pistol handle with a horizontal bolt stop allows to change a vertical angle of an inclination of the rifleman’s hand if needed. The fore grip of this weapon has some fixing vents. This construction carry out some functions: take away hot air from a barrel; it also makes it possible to attach Picatinny rails for mounting various sights and additional devices. There is a possibility of mounting a tactical silencer or recoil brake in the muzzle end of the barrel.


At the end of July, 2014 the first lot of the rifles VPR-308 was presented to the first operational brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine. At least 12 sets of rifles were acquired for the National Guard of Ukraine, which were shown to the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.





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