US special forces repelled and destroyed an Islamic State assault team that attacked an American-operated base in Syria over the weekend, reports NBC News.

ISIS fighters attacked the al-Tanf military outpost in Southern Syria on Saturday, where American forces are stationed to train Syrian rebels and supervise regional patrols.

An estimated 20 to 30 ISIS soldiers, some armed with suicide vests and other bombs, followed a truck loaded with a suspected improvised explosive device as it headed towards the base.


A spokesman for US Central Command called the ISIS attack a ‘complex and coordinated’ attempt to take the base from American and coalition forces. The ISIS fighters were apparently dressed as US-backed rebels, carrying American equipment and rifles captured in previous raids to deceive the base guards.

US forces noticed the ruse and killed the approaching ISIS fighters at the base’s entry gate, leaving no survivors. The battle lasted multiple hours and required multiple airstrikes.

No Americans were hurt in the fire fight.

“The enemy got crushed,” said one US military official.





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